After 18 months streaming 24/7 from its first location, the World Organ has slightly shifted location and is now directly overlooking Lowlandman’s Bay on the Isle of Jura. It’s part sound installation, part environmental art. The audio you experience on the link below is coming straight from the World Organ’s vantage point looking and listening across a stretch of sea known as the Sound of Jura.

Take time to listen, and get immersed – probably best enjoyed on some good headphones.

N.B. In many ways, Jura has fragile links to the rest of the world. This includes our internet connection and sometimes this live stream needs to be refreshed. That creates a new link for the current stream. We always provide that from this page so, to be connected with Jura, always come here rather than returning to Youtube.


latest stream

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik 8 April through the night

No live stream right now? Visit the Listen Again page, or check back soon. Thanks!


  • The cuckoo is back. I heard for the first time in the evening’s dusk chorus. You can find it on the Listen Again page – the stream for 21 04 21 – the cuckoo puts in a showing at about 2:30:00.

  • Just a note to say that there’s been some work on the audio system for the World Organ, and it’s been a real improvement to what I’m able to offer. I hope you enjoy listening

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