The World Organ, a sound installation created by Giles Perring, is a system of tubes that listens to the world and relays what it hears. It is part of the ExchangeArt series, and is a key element of the EXPOSURE collaboration with artist Andy Metcalf. It’s part of a cross-media installation created on the Isle of Jura which adopts a radical approach to the idea of landscape, and the World Organ portrays its surroundings sonically. An acoustic phenomenon that the Organ is designed to create, weaves a musical layer into the sounds of the natural world. The World Organ is installed at the Sound of Jura Studio at Knockrome, on Jura, overlooking Lowlandmans Bay [see map].

This site comprises recordings, and access to live streams from the World Organ too.


Would you like to host an installation of the World Organ? If so, please contact us.