The World Organ is a sound work by Giles Perring. It streams live from the Isle of Jura, shaping the sounds it hears around it with an acoustic, harmonic system that is driven by the wind, rain, and anything else that moves the air in the organ.

Check out the Live Stream

The live stream, a cat’s whisker of a connection to our sparsely populated island, running on a 4G data uplink, is regularly updated. There is a Listen Again area as well, offering long listens from Jura stretching back to summer 2020, when we launched.

Magical Octopus collaboration

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Giles has created a speical piece using the Organ for the ‘Magical Octopus’ project produced by Knockvologan Study Centre on the Isle of Mull. you can find out about the piece, and listen to it here.

EXPOSURE exhibition tour

The World Organ’s audio experience is forming part of EXPOSURE, the multi-disciplinary, immersive exhibition by Giles Perring and Andy Metcalf, which is touring Scotland through the summer and early autumn in 2021. You can find out about the tour here. There will be a numbered, signed CD edition of the World Organ piece ‘Lowlandman’s Bay’ on sale at the galleries. This edition is limited to 50 discs.

EXPOSURE at Hulabhaig on the Isle of Lewis boasted a surround installation of the World Organ stream. You can experience Douglas Cape’s virtual tour of the show at http://www.z360.com/ifull/Exposure/index.html

Listen to the new album

World Organ – ‘Lowlandman’s Bay’

Available to stream or download from 22 01 21 from these sites and more, this quietly ground breaking new album plays as a single 60 minute track.

About the World Organ

The World Organ, a sound installation created by Giles Perring, is a system of tubes that listens to the world and relays what it hears acoustically via a dedicated audio system.

The debut album from the World Organ is released 22.1.21 as a download and a stream by XA Music. The World Organ is a sound sculpture on the Isle of Jura that adds an ever changing acoustic, harmonic layer to everything that it hears, and which it has streamed worldwide since the summer of 2020. Assembled from Giles Perring’s selection of his recordings, made from the installation over 18 months, the album comes as a 60 minute single track, ‘Lowlandman’s Bay’. Exploring the catalogue of sounds that the Organ hears and shapes, from swallows and bees via distant sheep and seals, to gales and thunderstorms, Giles describes this album as an ‘episodic’ picture of the bay on the island where the project has originated.

The World Organ is part of the ExchangeArt series, and is a key element of the EXPOSURE collaboration with artist Andy Metcalf. It’s part of a cross-media installation created on the Isle of Jura which adopts a radical approach to the idea of landscape, and the World Organ portrays its surroundings sonically. An acoustic phenomenon that the Organ is designed to create, weaves a musical layer into the sounds of the natural world. The World Organ is installed at the Sound of Jura Studio at Knockrome, on Jura, overlooking Lowlandmans Bay [see map].

Explore this site more and access to live streams from the World Organ too.


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